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Aortic Intervention
April 12th, 2016

Zenith abdominal product portfolio

Maximize your seal in the abdominal aorta with a variety of disease-specific Zenith endovascular grafts. View each product’s indications for use, component ordering information, introduction system, and graft specifications.

Zenith Flex®: Time-tested durability


Zenith Flex combines precise, trigger-wire deployment with time-tested endoleak and migration resistance technology to help you provide a durable repair.

Zenith Flex is available with these ancillary components: Main Body ExtensionsConverters, Iliac Plugs, and Iliac Leg Extensions.

Zenith® Fenestrated: Maximizes the seal in complex infrarenal anatomy

Zenith® Fenestrated

Zenith Fenestrated is the only device approved to extend the seal above the renals and into healthy aorta. The graft’s fenestrations and scallops accommodate each patient’s unique anatomy.

Zenith Fenestrated Proximal Body Graftpairs with a Distal Bifurcated Body Graft.

Zenith® Spiral-Z®: Maintains patency and the seal in a range of iliac anatomy

Zenith Spiral-Z

Zenith Spiral-Z has a unique, continuous, spiral stent design that is designed to improve conformability to the iliac anatomy.

Used in conjunction with a Zenith main body graft, Spiral-Z iliac legs are available in a variety of lengths and diameters.

Zenith Renu® Converter and Main Body Extension: Restore fixation and seal

Zenith Renu®

Zenith Renu® is available as a converter or a main body extension and enables endovascular repair of a primary graft that has migrated or failed, in order to restore graft-to-vessel fixation and seal.

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