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Healthcare Business Solutions
September 17th, 2013

Driving Data Standards Within the Healthcare Supply Chain

We previously discussed data standards and that we believe that a global standard just makes sense for healthcare. We continue to find ourselves discussing the variety of standards that are emerging for the healthcare industry worldwide.

Since 2007, the Food and Drug Administration has been drafting regulations for a unique device identification system for most of the medical devices that are distributed in the United States. The legislation for unique device identification (UDI)was published on September 24, and it is quickly getting the attention of manufacturers and supply chains worldwide.

The primary goal of UDIs is to improve patient safety. UDI codes help hospitals ensure that the right product is being used on the right patient. Product information is already available in instructions for use and on manufacturers’ websites, but now barcodes can be scanned at the bedside to help prevent errors, provide supply chain traceability, and facilitate product recalls.

In addition to helping ensure patient safety, UDI standards also improve supply chain efficiency.  Without global standards to use, individual suppliers and hospitals have had to develop their own standards, which are all different frome ach other and therefore increase the complexity of doing business. Now that there is one global standard, all stakeholders can benefit from reduced labor and supply chain costs.

Ideal Scenario

Click here to download a presentation on data standards in healthcare recently given by vice president and chief information officer for Cook Group, Chuck Franz.

For more information on Cook’s work with data standards, visit this page.
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