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February 24th, 2016

From the Desk of Dave Reed

From Dave’s Desk: The top three challenges we face in healthcare today


dave reed littleAs we entered the new year, I reflected on my experience in the healthcare industry as a professional and as a patient. Specifically, I thought about not only how the industry can address the challenges we face in healthcare today, but also how we as patients can help with a solution. Read More »

From Dave’s Desk: Reflection and prediction


dave reed littleIs anyone else in disbelief that it’s already the end of 2015? It feels like life, work, and the world in general are moving faster than ever. It’s important to take time to pause as the year comes to a close, reflect on what you’ve learned and accomplished, and prepare for what’s ahead. Read More »

From Dave’s Desk: Reducing clinical variation


dave reed littleAs I discussed in my Reflections on AHRMM post, there are five recurring themes from the past several months. One of those themes is reducing clinical variation.

Think for a second about how many physicians practice throughout the world. They all went to medical school and have been trained to practice medicine at the highest standard, but there are some differences in how they learned to perform procedures. Their procedures vary somewhat, depending on which medical school they attended, which hospitals they worked at, and which physicians they trained under. Read More »

From Dave’s Desk: The wrong reason to adopt data standards


dave reed littleThe next unique device identification (UDI) adoption date is around the corner. The FDA has decided that by October 24, 2015 all implantable, life supporting and life sustaining medical devices must have their UDI data published to the GUDID. The easiest reason to use the UDI is because you are required to. Although checking the regulatory box is important, it’s not the best reason to adopt data standards in your facility. Read More »

From Dave’s Desk: Reflections on AHRMM


dave reed littleAt the beginning of August, I attended the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management’s (AHRMM) annual meeting. We were excited to welcome AHRMM to our backyard, Indianapolis, just 50 miles from Bloomington. Read More »

From Dave’s Desk: What’s the true meaning of “partnership”?

JULY 20TH, 2015

dave reed littleA few weeks ago, I had a meeting with three different customers, all from healthcare systems that were looking to revamp the way they worked with suppliers. We talked a lot about partnership, and I found it interesting because each of the customers had a unique perspective on how to approach supplier relations. It got me thinking about how we all use the word “partnership” in our industry, but each of us defines it differently. Read More »

From Dave’s Desk: Educating patients in the changing world of healthcare

JUNE 24TH, 2015

dave reed littleWhen you think about patient education, what comes to mind first? Is it the information that we all need in order to make healthy lifestyle choices? Or what a patient needs to know once they’ve been diagnosed with a disease. Or is it information on a particular drug or product they need to treat a condition they have? Read More »

From Dave’s Desk: How can you adopt data standards and do business at the same time?

MAY 26TH, 2015

dave reed littleImagine trying to change a flat tire on your car, while driving in the left lane of a major highway. No pulling over to the side of the road or stopping at the next exit. You have to keep going, keep up with traffic, and get that tire changed safely. Read More »

From Dave’s Desk: Meeting patients in the outer circles of healthcare

APRIL 29TH, 2015

dave reed littleRecently we’ve been talking a lot about how healthcare is changing, and the trends are pointing to lower cost procedures in non-acute care facilities that are more convenient for patients. That kind of reformed system would mean less expensive healthcare across the board, with increased access to care for patients. But reform is the key word here. Getting there will take reinvention. Read More »

From Dave’s desk: How can medical device companies enhance the patient experience?

APRIL 3RD, 2015

dave reed littlePatients have always been front and center in healthcare. They are the reason we all do our jobs. But traditionally, they have played a recipient’s role. Patients typically arrive at the doctor’s office with a condition, inform the doctor of their symptoms and receive treatment based on the doctor’s recommendation. As healthcare models evolve to accommodate pressure to reduce costs, patients will become more invested, both financially and mentally, in their healthcare decisions. In the future we are likely to see patients take a slightly different role as consumers of healthcare, rather than recipients. Read More »