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June 4th, 2015

Todd talks Product Image URLs

Todd HenningQ: What is your role at Cook Medical?

 I’m a corporate account executive with a focus on building relationships with IDNs that foster optimal supply chain efficiency via distribution. I’m also part of the Supply Chain Improvement Team, and that team is dedicated to developing solutions that work across our customer base and creates a more efficient supply chain overall.

Q: What are product image URLs?

Historically, Cook has provided our customers with product images to load into their ordering systems. Just like when you’re placing an order on Amazon, the extra visual check of seeing a product photo creates a better purchasing experience. Recently, Cook switched to providing our customers with URLs to view product images, rather than the product image files themselves.

 Q: What was the customer need that led to this Cook offering?

 We were hearing from our customers that it was difficult to maintain the correct product images in their systems. As products were updated, or new products were introduced, the updated photos didn’t always make it into their systems. Offering URLs means that instead of placing that maintenance burden on our customers, we’ll take care of it for them. The correct product image will always be available.

 Q: What if Cook Medical’s servers are down?

 One of the main questions we’ve gotten from customers as we’ve introduced this solution is what will happen if Cook’s servers are down? We planned for these URLs to be clicked often and repeatedly, so we are using a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN is essentially a series of servers, and should the one closest to the customer experience an interruption, they would automatically be directed to the next server. A CDN is specifically designed to address redundancy and heavy traffic.

 Q: What has the feedback from customers been?

 We started rolling out this solution globally in August of 2014, and so far the feedback from customers has been very positive. The goal is to give them peace of mind when ordering Cook products and take something off their plate. Based on the feedback we’ve received, we’re accomplishing that.


If you’re interested in using Cook’s product image URLs, or have any questions, contact Todd at