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Lead Management
November 14th, 2014

Meet Lead Management – Steve Yackovich

Yackovich, Steve...

1. What do you do for Cook?

I am the product manager for the Lead Management division.

2. What is your background with the company?

I started four years ago as a clinical marketing coordinator. My main focus was the Lead Management product line, but I was also involved with products from other divisions. From there, my role expanded within Lead Management as we were developing the Advanced Platform line of products. As they launched, my role transferred over to product manager.

3. What is your favorite part about working at Cook?

The people who I work with and interact with, both in the office and when I’m traveling to Vista℠ training sessions or hospitals.

Our division includes people all over the globe, and we all have a very strong work ethic to accomplish our goals. We do not have a lot of people, but those we have do a great job of covering huge territories and making a difference. The group has a lot of fun, everyone works very hard, but we don’t sacrifice fun. There’s always a lot of laughter at meetings when we can all get together.

The physicians who we interact with are the best at what they do. I feel very fortunate to be a small part in making our products successful in the hands of a physician. That’s very important because our devices make a difference in people’s lives. Part of my job allows me to see the product through design, development, manufacturing, and clinical use. It’s very satisfying to see a product go from idea to a hand-built device by the hardworking associates at Cook Vandergrift. Because we are a smaller division, we get to take on quite a few different roles, which makes every day interesting.

4. Why is physician education important?

What we do in our Vista courses, and what our representatives do in the field, guide the future of our division and the specialty. The program educates physicians on the products and their use, but also on how the products fit into the procedure as a whole. Our goal is for physicians to have a safe and successful procedure, and knowing how our devices function under different scenarios can directly affect the outcome. We learn from them as much as they learn from us. I think having a physician take a positive experience away from our Vista’s can really help spark thought on using Cook products to advance patient care.

5. What excites you about the future of Lead Management?

The future for Lead Management is very bright. We have a lot of innovative projects in the pipeline right now and it will be exciting to see how they turn out. With all the upcoming activity for our products and our Vistas, I think next year will be an exciting time for our division.