Celect Vena Cava Filter deployment

Celect filter deployment—
femoral approach
Celect filter deployment—
jugular approach

Celect and Günther Tulip Vena Cava Filters at a glance

Because every case is different, we’ve created the world’s broadest line of permanent and optional filters, affording you the flexibility to do what’s best for each patient.

Navalign Delivery

Featuring NavAlign delivery, both the Celect and the Günther Tulip provide procedural assurance—once NavAlign’s red safety button has been depressed, one push of the blue deployment button delivers the filter.

Offer your patients more options.

  • Femoral and jugular delivery options
  • No preloading needed
  • Femoral placement option includes tactile bump indicating filter is fully advanced and ready to deploy
  • Retrievability offers patients more options

Minimize patient blood loss.

  • The NavAlign delivery system’s hemostasis valve is designed to minimize blood loss and enable you to focus solely on filter placement.

Decrease patient and staff radiation exposure.

  • Radiopaque tips on the NavAlign delivery system’s included sizing dilator can help to decrease the amount of contrast and fluoroscopy time required.

Retrieve the filter when the time is right.

  • Best suited for shorter-term retrieval, the Günther Tulip Vena Cava Filter has a greater than 99% probability of successful retrieval at four weeks and a greater than 94% probability of successful retrieval at up to 12 weeks. (Smouse HB, Rosenthal D, Thuong VH, et al. Long-term retrieval success rate profile for the Günther Tulip vena cava filter. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2009;20(7):871-877.)
  • Also an optional filter, the Celect provides a longer retrieval window. At up to 50 weeks, the Celect’s probability of successful retrieval is 100%. (Lyon SM, Riojas GE, Uberoi R, et al. Short- and long-term retrievability of the Celect Vena Cava Filter: Results from a multi-institutional registry. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2009;20:1441-1448.)