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March 26th, 2018

Fanelli Stent Set: A video resource

The Fanelli Laparoscopic Endobiliary Stent Set is an alternative to external draining catheters and T-tubes. Placed within the common bile duct and the duodenum, the stent allows bile drainage when all biliary stones can’t be removed at the time of a cholecystectomy.

This product is one of many we offer for diagnosing and treating common bile duct stones. Here are just a few others.

Watch the video below to see how the stent works.

View ordering information for the Fanelli Laparascopic Endobiliary Stent Set.

How-to steps from the video:

Dilate the cystic duct to accommodate the introduction of the stent.

The next step is to retract the outer sheath. Once you retract the outer sheath, you may not be able to retrieve the stent using the delivery mechanism. Slowly retract the outer sheath back toward both Luer connectors. Stop when it contacts the white connector.

During the fluoroscopic visualization, you can see four radiographic markers. Marker 1 appears at the distal tip of the inner guide, matching the position of the distal tip of the stent. Marker 2 appears on the inner guide at a position that matches the distal flange of the stent. Marker 3 denotes the proximal flange. Marker 4 is the largest marker. It represents the distal tip of the stent backstop. After the stent has been positioned across the ampulla, markers 1 and 2 should be within the duodenum. Markers 3 and 4 should be within the bile duct.

Remove the wire guide completely. Hold the purple connector securely without permitting it to move, and unscrew the white Luer hub from the purple Luer connector. Draw the white hub away from the assembly.

After deployment, obtain a completion cholangiogram. Inject contrast before you remove the stent backstop.