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November 16th, 2015

Get your questions answered.

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How much does Zenapro cost?

The price of Zenapro is comparable to coated synthetics. Zenapro costs substantially less than biologic mesh.


My hospital has a local agreement with Cook Medical already. Will Zenapro be added to it?



What product is Zenapro replacing?

Zenapro is the first device of its kind, and it won’t replace a specific product in your stock. It can, however, reduce the amount of bioabsorbable meshes and biologic grafts that your hospital uses.


Are there any special handling or storage requirements for Zenapro?



What clinical data do you have to prove the benefits of using Zenapro instead of our current mesh?

Zenapro uses a biologic material, small intestinal submucosa, that has been used in more than one million patient treatments. The synthetic element in Zenapro, polypropylene, is a commonly used, biocompatible polymer. Zenapro is currently being used in a clinical study of 63 patients.


How can we commit to Zenapro if we are already in a contract with another company for hernia-repair mesh?

Zenapro is neither a biologic graft nor a synthetic mesh. It is a hybrid device for hernia repair. Because it is a unique technology, it should not violate any current contracts for synthetic meshes or biologic grafts. If you are in a GPO, remember that hospitals may purchase products that are of greater clinical value than those listed on the GPO agreements. These purchases will not impact the committed tier requirements. You can also check your compliance level. You may be able to purchase from a company other than those participating in the GPO. Remember that no GPO can restrict the purchase of technology that is not available through the contracted suppliers.


For more information about Zenapro, check the product info page or