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July 7th, 2014

Look to Cook for your capital needs.

Cook Medical offers capital equipment for stone management. Our expanding line includes the Rhapsody H-30™ Holmium Laser System and the StoneBreaker™ Pneumatic Lithotripter.

Rhapsody H-30

The Rhapsody H-30, with its 30 W power and variable pulse width, can treat nearly any stone anywhere in the urinary system. The portable and powerful StoneBreaker requires only a few shocks to break hard stones. Together, the Rhapsody H-30 and the StoneBreaker provide an effective pairing for the treatment of calculi in the kidneys, ureters, and bladder.

Put your finger on the pulse.

By adjusting the power and pulse on the Rhapsody H-30, you can deliver precise energy to minimize stone migration1,2 and maximize tissue coagulation. The Rhapsody H-30, with its flexible laser fibers, can be used to treat stones and ablate soft tissue anywhere in the urinary tract.

Watch a side-by-side comparison of the Rhapsody H-30’s short and long pulse widths.


Be a stone breaker.

What’s in a name? The StoneBreaker says it all. It’s a cordless, handheld intracorporeal contact lithotripter. The high-pressure carbon dioxide gas that powers the StoneBreaker impacts the stone at the probe tip. This impact fragments hard stones and produces less stone retropulsion.3

Visit the StoneBreaker page for a product overview and resources.

Contact your Cook Medical representative to arrange a meeting with the capital equipment specialist in your region or for more information on our stone solutions.

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