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Be fully equipped for lithotripsy and BPH.

Our partnership with Quanta System is poised to help you advance your procedures and serve more patients. We’re now your single source for disposables and the latest laser technology. Imagine the possibilities.

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Litho 100

Litho 100

The Litho 100 is Quanta’s most versatile laser for treating stones and BPH. It gives you the power (up to 105 W) and frequency (up to 80 Hz) capabilities you need and operates with an advanced cooling system, allowing for quiet performance of the machine. The Litho 100 features Quanta’s latest pulse technologies and settings (Virtual Basket, MasterPULSE, and Vapor Tunnel) and has an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI), which includes guided modality presets for lithotripsy, BPH, and soft tissue applications.

Litho 60

Litho 60

The Litho 60 gives you double pulse technology, via Virtual Basket, on a medium-watt, multi-application platform usable for both lithotripsy and HoLEP. It features Quanta’s latest laser technologies and settings (Virtual Basket, MasterPULSE, and Vapor Tunnel) and has an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI), which gives you the flexibility to tailor your treatment at the touch of a button.

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Litho Low Power Holmium Laser System

The Litho laser system’s 2100 nm wavelength is highly absorbed by water. This makes its application safe for lithotripsy and soft tissue treatment. A combination of high frequency (up to 30 Hz) and high pulse energy (up to 5 joules) makes this the ideal system for your low-watt lasing needs, especially when bundled with Cook disposables.

Cyber TM

Cyber TM 200 Thulium Laser System

The Cyber TM 200 gives you the versatility to treat BPH by means of vaporization or enucleation. The thulium laser’s excellent cutting and vaporization speed remains relatively constant during the procedure, regardless of tissue vascularization. The laser beam penetrates only a fraction of a millimeter in the tissue, which gives you a high degree of control and reduces the risk of injury.

Discover the latest pulse technologies and settings.

Virtual Basket

Virtual BasketTM

The double pulse modulation used with the Virtual Basket emission mode allows limited stone movements and fine lithotripsy. When you use the Virtual Basket mode, a first pulse generates the vapor bubble and a second pulse, emitted from the same fiber, propagates through the bubble to irradiate the target.

Vapor Tunnel

Vapor TunnelTM

Consisting of a single specific long pulse, the Vapor Tunnel emission mode allows limited retropulsion while dusting stones. It is designed to use minimum peak power in accordance with the selected output settings. This long bubble represents a direct connection between fiber tip and stone, granting enhanced energy delivery.



Experience an intuitive and more personalized way to adjust the laser settings, simply based on your visual feedback. Use MasterPULSE to reduce retropulsion and fine tune tissue cutting. Obtain the desired effect quickly, without the time needed to make standard adjustments to energy and frequency parameters. MasterPULSE has seven levels of pulse width adjustment for increased flexibility.

Get the most out of your fibers.

Quanta fibers, available in an assortment of different probe types and core diameters, are designed for effective energy transmission and safety during laser surgery. When you connect a fiber at the laser system aperture, the RFID system recognizes the fiber and displays the fiber’s parameters and previous use information. (Note: Confidential patient information is not stored.) The RFID mechanism self-adjusts the emission setting to ensure the correct operation of your laser device. Fibers are compatible across Quanta’s holmium and thulium laser systems.

Standard Fiber

Standard Fiber

Standard fibers feature a bare (flat) tip for frontal laser emission. They can be coupled with lasers intended for general use in lithotripsy, BPH, and soft tissue surgery. Choose between single-use and reusable options.

Ball Tip Fiber

Ball-tip Fiber

The ball-tip fiber is specifically designed to help with initial insertion into a deflected flexible scope to prevent damage to the scope’s internal channel. This can lead to fewer interruptions for scope readjustment and may enable savings in terms of scope maintenance and repair.

Side Firing Fiber

Side Firing Fiber

The side firing fiber can be coupled with lasers intended for soft tissue ablation, including prostatic adenoma ablation. Lateral emission allows for smooth and intuitive tissue ablation.

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