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Evolution® Controlled-Release Stent

Whether treating strictures in the biliary tract, duodenum, colon or esophagus, the Evolution family of stents gives you the unique ability to deploy, recapture and/or reposition the stent.

Unlike with other systems, Evolution stents do not jump during deployment, giving you smoother, more predictable delivery. That kind of precision and control makes it easier to accurately place stents the very first time, potentially reducing repeat procedures.

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Evolutionary Design, Control and Precision
In palliating the biliary tract you need a stent that you can place accurately, that maintains patency and that minimizes migration. The Evolution Biliary stent gives you all three.

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Evolutionary Design
In duodenal stenting procedures, exact stent placement is vital for positive patient outcomes. The Evolution Duodenal gives you unparalleled control and maneuverability to achieve that goal. Now you can smoothly deliver a stent that stays in place by fully conforming to the natural curves of the anatomy, potentially reducing the risk of migration and/or other delayed complications.

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Evolutionary Design
Whether you’re confronting malignant strictures, gastric outlet obstruction or creating a bridge to surgery, the Evolution Colonic Stent delivers the unparalleled control and maneuverability you need to confidently deliver a stent that fully conforms to the natural curves of the anatomy while potentially reducing post-placement risks. 20 crowns for enhanced, evenly distributed radial force Proximal and distal flanges reduce migration 4 radiopaque markers to identify the proximal and distal ends of the stent to aid in accurate placement Flexor® technology delivers excellent catheter flexibility and stability without kinking

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Evolutionary Design
To give you the widest range of treatment options, Evolution Esophageal stents come partially or fully covered. And they all deploy smoothly and confidently thanks to the stress-reducing, controlled release delivery system.

Partially Covered Design

Fully Covered Design

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