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Interventional Radiology

Data Coil fiber study shows fibers boost acute occlusion
Awareness Embolization an option for underdiagnosed pelvic congestion syndrome

Develop, enhance, and advance your skill set

Our VISTA™ training program offers you a variety of collaborative learning opportunities such as lectures, discussion, and hands-on training.

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Choose Retracta

When control is critical, choose an optimally fibered, fully retractable detachable embolization coil. Watch our Retracta animation.

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Transforming ideas into devices

Find out more about the synergy between Cook and physicians as they collaborate to solve unmet needs.

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Managing liver disease

Tony, a Cook employee, tells how a TIPS procedure allowed him to live long enough to get a new liver.

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Discover the power of fibered, pushable coils.

Use pushable devices exclusively or combine with detachable devices for effective and cost-efficient treatment.

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Fellows Program

Enhance your education with training opportunities tailored to elevate your educational journey.

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Latest News

March 29th, 2019
According to “Nylon fibered versus non-fibered embolization coils: comparison in a swine model,” an animal study authored by interventional radiologist Dr. Scott Trerotola, from the University of Pennsylvania, embolization coils with nylon fibers allow significantly fewer embolization coils to achieve…

August 31st, 2017
In honor of National Liver Awareness Month (October), we are encouraging everyone to read Skinny Liver: A Proven Program to Prevent and Reverse the New Silent Epidemic – Fatty Liver Disease.1 The American Liver Foundation recommends Skinny Liver as a…

November 30th, 2016
Editor's note:  On November 6 of 2016, interventional radiology lost one of its true pioneers, Dr. Constantin Cope. Dr. Cope’s contribution to the IR community will be forever felt through those who had the privilege of his training and mentorship.…

March 30th, 2016
Dr. Josef Rösch, who pioneered important new medical techniques and interventional procedures, passed away early this year at the age of 91. Some of his innovations include the use of embolization to control gastrointestinal bleeding and the transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic…

June 25th, 2015
A feeding tube enables people who can’t eat normally—due to injury, oral cancer, or another short-or long-term illness—to get the food and nutrition they need via a tube fed into the stomach through the abdomen. To honor Feeding Tube Awareness…

June 12th, 2015
At the 2015 SIR scientific meeting, Robert J. Lewandowski, MD, FSIR, presented an update on degradable drug-eluting particles. According to Dr. Lewandowski, “The next generation of degradable embolic particles offers an enticing advancement for interventional radiologists. Patients (and referring physicians)…

April 21st, 2015
  Dr. Sven Ivar Seldinger (1921-1998), the Swedish radiologist who invented the “Seldinger technique” for percutaneous entry into the vascular system, would have been 93 this April. The technique, which provided an alternative to many more invasive procedures, revolutionized medicine…

January 15th, 2015
What do you do? I am the regional manager for the Intervention Radiology (IR) business unit for Germany, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland and Hungary. How long have you been with Cook? I began working for Cook over…

August 18th, 2014
In 2010, a diagnosis of testicular cancer interrupted Austin Detra’s college swimming career and his studies at Mesa State University in Colorado. Part of his treatment included the use of a Cook implantable port. After this experience, Austin had to…

August 15th, 2014
Last month, three Interventional Radiologists spent time at our headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana. When physicians come to Cook, we like to take them through the manufacturing plant to show them how the products they use every day are made. They…

May 29th, 2014
What do you do? I’m the senior global product manager and the team leader for Embolic Therapies. How long have you been with Cook? I started at Cook as an intern and took a full-time position in marketing in 1999.…

May 5th, 2014
May 6 kicks off National Nurses Week 2014 and we’re ready to celebrate! Nurses support each and every medical specialty and serve as experts in their fields. Maybe none more so than in the field of Vascular Access, where nurses are not only…

February 19th, 2014
Learning is one thing. Hands-on experience led by an expert in the field is something completely different. Our fellow's training events are just that; hands on training with a skilled expert in the specialty. Fellows get the opportunity to meet…

February 10th, 2014
With a company the size of Cook, chances are that our patients and their caregivers could also be our coworkers and friends. Scott, a trainer in Cook's fitness center, is the Dad of a 13-month-old "tubie." In preparation for Feeding…

November 14th, 2013
Did you know that 54 lives are lost everyday in the U.S. because of catheter-related bloodstream infections? That's 54 people who are family members, colleagues and friends. When these infections are preventable, we want EVERYONE to know. You may ask,…
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