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Expanding your stenting options in GI stricture management

Cook is committed to providing you with metal stenting solutions for treating patients with strictures in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Since 2018, we have been partnering with TaeWoong Medical to distribute their Niti-S™ Through the Scope (TTS) Esophageal Stent and Niti-S Esophageal Stent. This collaboration, together with our Evolution® controlled-release stents family, has strengthened our ability to offer you solutions for different clinical needs.

Niti-S TTS Esophageal Stent

Niti-S TTS Esophageal Stent is preloaded in a 10.5 Fr delivery system. The stent is deployed through a scope, and the delivery system has a conical tip that is designed to navigate tight strictures and tortuous anatomies.

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Evolution controlled-release stents

Evolution gives you the ability to deliver stents with more control and less stress. Now, no matter where you are stenting in the GI tract, you can focus even more on patient outcomes.

Evolutionary stent

The stent, the most important aspect of the procedure, is meant to provide relief specific to the patient’s disease state. That’s the guiding concept behind all of our Evolution stents.

Evolutionary precision

Precision is gaining access to your stenting position and then maintaining that position throughout the deployment process, even in complex and challenging anatomy.

Evolutionary control

An intuitive, controlled-release system with the ability to recapture gives you and your assistant the confidence needed to remain in sync throughout the deployment process.

The controlled-release mechanism minimizes potential stent jumping, allowing for precise stent placement.

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Evolutionary design
Maneuver through the duodenum’s difficult angulations and deploy a stent that conforms to the anatomy’s particular curve, even in the complex third or fourth portions of the duodenum.

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Whether you do colonic stenting regularly or rarely, for palliation or as a bridge to surgery, Evolution stents are designed to give your patient relief and can be delivered confidently even in the most complex and tortuous environments.

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With the right balance of radial force to open the stricture yet minimize pain and discomfort after placement, this stent is also durable enough to withstand the corrosive environment of the esophagus.

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