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Peripheral Intervention

CXI® Gen 2 earns its “go-to” reputation

CXI gen 2

Cook’s 2nd generation CXI Support Catheter has earned its reputation as a premium technology for your procedural essentials in Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) cases. Cook Medical launched the new 2.6 Fr catheter on March 25, 2019, in the U.S. and Canada.

Dr. Art Lee, an interventional cardiologist at the Cardiac & Vascular Institute, and Dr. John Phillips, a cardiologist at Ohio Health, spoke with Cook Medical about their experiences using the new CXI catheter.

“It’s my go-to catheter,” said Dr. Phillips. “I use it in most of my peripheral cases.”

With new platinum-iridium marker bands, the catheter has improved visibility1 and now comes with an additional tip configuration and a new 135 cm length. This new length also provides another option for coaxial use with a 90 cm 4 Fr CXI support catheter.

According to Dr. Lee, the benefits of coaxial use are needed “wherever you need more support and has been helpful in contralateral approaches as well.”

He also remarked on the value of the added visibility of the new catheter. “Better visibility can help me reduce fluoro time.”

The CXI is one of Dr. Lee’s essential tools for PAD treatment, as well as the Approach® Hydro ST Microwire Guide, Approach® CTO Microwire Guide, Micropuncture® Pedal Introducer Access Set, and Flexor® Ansel Guiding Sheath. According to Dr. Philllips, “A good workhorse wire and support catheter can get you through most lesions.”

When it comes to retrograde access, Dr. Lee said, “I use .018 CXI catheter as my initial catheter in retrograde access and crossing, and it works exceedingly well. It is my workhorse for CLI, whether antegrade or retrograde, and many times are used in both directions.”

When asked about his ability to treat patients, Dr. Phillips said, “The catheter helps deliver consistent results, and that is what you want when you’re treating PAD/CLI day in and day out.”

Dr. Lee and Dr. Phillips are paid consultants for Cook Medical.

  1. Chidalek D. Technical report “Radiopacity testing of CXI catheters” (FS180470-R), Cook Research Inc., West Lafayette, Indiana; January 15, 2019.