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    Predictable Proven Safe durable innovative



    The ONLY SFA dataset that provides you with a fully transparent, patient-level probability of SFA reintervention.

    Zilver PTX Prediction Model

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    Long-term results promised and delivered.

    A bold decision: The ZILVER PTX randomized controlled trial was designed from the start to include 5-year follow-up data that would determine not only long-term benefits but also long-term safety signals or adverse events.

    The Results

    5-year Primary Patency
    Subgroup of patients for the Zilver PTX single arm study.

    NOTE: Results are from the secondary randomization of ZIlver PTX vs. Zilver bare-metal stent.

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    Zilver PTX is the only SFA DES with a fully transparent 5-year safety profile.

    For some, controversies surrounding the use of paclitaxel-coated devices to treat PAD in the SFA have caused concern about patient safety. Transparency is the key to ensuring physicians have access to the safest and most effective technology available for treating PAD in a broad patient population. That’s why we took the unprecedented step of making our 5-year patient-level data fully available for the whole world to see.

    RCT Actual Treatment
    Covariate Analysis

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    See more of our updates on Zilver PTX global patient safety data.



    Zilver PTX offers the best SFA DES fracture rates1,6

    The Zilver Flex platform has demonstrated fracture-resistant design through five years and has also demonstrated a lower fracture rate than the Eluvia DES.

    The Zilver PTX randomized trial

    Zilver PTX Fracture Rate

    The Imperial randomized trial 1-year fracture rates

    Zilver PTX Fracture Rate



    Polymer-free drug delivery that’s ahead of its time7

    Only Zilver PTX combines an antiproliferative drug with efficient, polymer-free drug delivery and vessel support to demonstrate superior 5-year results against PTA and Zilver bare-metal stents.

    Zilver PTX 5-year Results

    When drug elution is most needed:

    Short-term paclitaxel delivery in the SFA has been proven beneficial.
    Short term paclitaxel delivery in the SFA has been proven beneficial.

    How drug elution works:

    Zilver PTX is the only polymer-free SFA drug-eluting stent. Our proprietary, polymer-free coating process is shown to be safe and effective while eliminating the potential risks associated with permanent polymers.


    More than 98% of the paclitaxel coating is released from the stent within 72 hours.1



    Paclitaxel remains in the artery for up to 56 days.1



    Inside the cell, the drug binds to microtubules and inhibits mitosis.1



    Broad offering:

    Zilver PTX offers twice the number of sizes and a longer indication than Eluvia.

    Zilver PTX vs Eluvia

    *Size availability as of November 2020

    Our paclitaxel history:

    Cook Medical’s 25-Year History with Paclitaxel

    Zilver PTX started in the coronary and landed in the SFA.

    Cook Medical's 25-Year History with Paclitaxel

    15 years of global studies

    • > 1,000 patients included in pre-market clinical studies to support US regulatory approval.
    • > 2,500 patients included in pre- and post-market clinical studies.
    • > 300,000 Zilver PTX stents used to treat patients suffering from PAD.
    • Tested in a broad range of lesions.


    Patient education:

    Patient Education

    This patient-focused site explains the causes, risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options for PAD.

    Understanding treatment for PAD


    More resources



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