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Holmium Laser Fibers with SmartSync® Technology

Used for stone fragmentation, incision, excision, ablation, and coagulation when the fibers are attached to the Rhapsody H-30® Holmium Laser System. The Holmium Laser Fibers with SmartSync Technology are the only fibers that are compatible with the Rhapsody H-30. A SmartSync microchip is incorporated into the fiber hub. The microchip communicates fiber-recognition and data-collection information with the Rhapsody H-30. The laser fibers are available in single- and multi-use designs.

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Order Number Reference Part Number Instructions
for Use
Fiber Diameter μm Connector Color
Single-Use Holmium Laser Fiber For Use with Rhapsody H-30
G23553 HLF-S273-H30
273 red
G23552 HLF-S365-H30
365 red
G23734 HLF-S550-H30
550 red
G23735 HLF-S940-H30
940 red
Multi-Use Holmium Laser Fiber For Use with Rhapsody H-30
G23668 HLF-M273-H30
273 green
G23667 HLF-M365-H30
365 blue
G23666 HLF-M550-H30
550 violet
G23665 HLF-M940-H30
940 orange



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