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Savary-Gilliard® Dilator

Used over a pre-positioned Savary-Gilliard wire guide for dilation of esophageal strictures.

This device is supplied non-sterile and is reusable if the device integrity is intact.

This product line is serviced by the following clinical division(s):

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Order Number Reference Part Number Instructions
for Use (IFU)
G22147 SGD-5-70
N/A 15 5 70
G21830 SGD-6-70
N/A 18 6 70
G21551 SGD-7-70
N/A 21 7 70
G22069 SGD-8-70
N/A 24 8 70
G21752 SGD-9-70
N/A 27 9 70
G22146 SGD-10-70
N/A 30 10 70
G21829 SGD-11-70
N/A 33 11 70
G21549 SGD-12-70
N/A 36 12 70
G21632 SGD-12.8-70
N/A 38 12.8 70
G21750 SGD-14-70
N/A 42 14 70
G21470 SGD-15-70
N/A 45 15 70
G21968 SGD-16-70
N/A 48 16 70
G21690 SGD-17-70
N/A 51 17 70
G21383 SGD-18-70
N/A 54 18 70
G21894 SGD-19-70
N/A 57 19 70
G21607 SGD-20-70
N/A 60 20 70
Dilator Carrying Case (Accommodates 10 Dilators)
G21424 SGDC-1 N/A
Dilator Washer
G21653 SGDW-1 N/A

Savary-Gilliard is a registered trademark of succession de Rene Louis Gilliard, composee de Jeannine Gilliard, Claude Gilliard, et Denis Gilliard estate.



Instructional Resource

Savary-Gilliard Dilator and Wire Guides FAQs

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