Cook® Flexipet® Pipette

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    Cook® Flexipet® Pipette

Cook® Flexipet® Pipette

Flexible polycarbonate pipettes used for denuding as well as gamete and embryo manipulation.

  • Flexible polycarbonate will not break or scratch dishes.  
  • Pipette containers are color coded according to size.  

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This product line is serviced by the following clinical division(s): Reproductive Health


Cook® Flexipet® Pipette
Order Number Reference Part Number ID
Pipette Container Color
Denuding Pipettes
5 Containers of 10 (50 Total)
G46021 K-FPIP-1120-10BS-5 120 blue
G26711 K-FPIP-1130-10BS-5 130 yellow
G26712 K-FPIP-1140-10BS-5 140 white
G26713 K-FPIP-1170-10BS-5 170 red
10 Containers of 1 (10 Total)
G46019 K-FPIP-1140-10 140 white
G46018 K-FPIP-1170-10 170 red
Manipulation Pipettes
1 Container of 10 (10 Total)
G26181 K-FPIP-1080-10BS 80 purple
G26718 K-FPIP-1100-10BS 100 black
G18878 K-FPIP-1300-10BS 300 brown
5 Containers of 10 (50 Total)
G46020 K-FPIP-1300-10BS-5 300 brown
G26057 K-FPIP-1600-10BS-5 600 green
10 Containers of 1 (10 Total)
G46017 K-FPIP-1300-10 300 brown

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Cook® Flexipet® Pipette
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