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Small Gage Ova-Stiff™ Ovum Aspiration Needle Single Lumen – OPS

Used for laparoscopic or ultrasound-guided transvaginal aspiration of oocytes from ovarian follicles.  

  • The stopper accepts the tip of a Luer slip syringe to facilitate follicle flushing.  
  • The needle's EchoTip® echogenic tip enhances visualization under ultrasound.
This product line is serviced by the following clinical division(s):


Order Number Reference Part Number Instructions
for Use
Needle gage Needle Length cm Aspiration Line Length cm
A Bevel Thin-Wall Needle
G19715 K-OPS-6035-RWH-ET 18 35 60
G26182 K-OPS-7030-RWH-ET 19 30 60
G26638 K-OPS-7035-RWH-ET 19 35 60
G38845 K-OPS-7035-RWH-ET-US
19 35 60
G26631 K-OPS-8035-RWH-ET 20 35 60
Regular-Wall Needle
G50735 K-OPS-2130 21 30 60
G44360 K-OPS-2130-US
21 30 60
G50736 K-OPS-2135 21 35 60
B Bevel Thin-Wall Needle
G20943 K-OPS-6035-RWH-B-ET 18 35 60
G26788 K-OPS-7035-RWH-B-ET 19 35 60
G26056 K-OPS-8035-RWH-B-ET 20 35 60



Small Gage Ovum Aspiration Needles - English

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