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Collaboration: The Key to Our Success

Since 1963, Cook Medical has been collaborating with physicians to bring new product ideas to market. We are always looking for ways to create solutions to complex problems. This way of thinking has made a difference in millions of patient’s lives.

Cook’s collaborative efforts in urology date back almost 40 years. In 1974, Dr. Al Rutner provided Bill Cook with a list of devices to develop.

Dexter Elkins, vice president of marketing, remembers those days.
“From the very beginning Bill had an understanding and appreciation for clinician ideas,” Elkins stated. “It’s been clear to us since then that collaboration with the physician is key. We as a company, and the clinician as a caretaker for patients, are beneficiaries of collaboration. That relationship is really important. We wouldn’t be here without it.”

The following Cook exclusives are just two of the innovations that have come from physician collaborations.

NGageThe NGage Nitinol Stone Extractor is not just a grasper or stone basket, it’s a combination of the two. This patented device engages, repositions, releases, and extracts stones of various sizes throughout the urinary tract. The NGage has 50% greater retention strength than traditional graspers.1 Likewise, in a calyceal model, the NGage demonstrated a superior ability to release simulated stone fragments in comparison to both standard and multi-wire nitinol baskets.1

The BIGopsy Backloading BiBIGopsyopsy Forceps helps you obtain larger samples of tumors from within the kidneys or ureters. The device’s 4 mm3 cup gives you a larger sample than any other device on the market and increases your chance of getting an accurate diagnosis without costly repeated procedure

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1.      Lucas SM, Zeltser IS, Bensalah K, et al. In vitro evaluation of the retention strength of a novel nitinol stone extractor (NGage®) compared to a standard three-pronged grasper. J Endourol. 2007;21(suppl 1):MP33-17.