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Stone-free solutions that put you in control

No matter a stone’s size, composition, or location within the urinary tract, you can treat your patients with confidence using Cook Medical’s manipulation devices. Dust, bust, and basket urinary stones and fragments with a comprehensive selection of nitinol stone extractors and the latest laser technology.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve reshaped how you basket with our game-changing nitinol stone extractors. The first extraction devices were made from medical-grade metals like stainless steel that could capture stones but were unreliable when it came to releasing them. A breakthrough came when we introduced a basket (the NCircle® Nitinol Tipless Stone Extractor) that incorporated the shape memory characteristics of nitinol wire, could be torqued and twisted, and could withstand multiple deployments. The rest is history, and today we deliver a robust offering that includes 26 nitinol configurations.

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NCircle® Nitinol Tipless Stone Extractor – The first of its kind

NCompass® Nitinol Stone Extractor – The net

NGage® Nitinol Stone Extractor – The original hybrid

NTrap® Stone Entrapment and Extraction Device – The migration minimizer

You may prefer to use an extractor in combination with a holmium laser system to render a patient stone free; or lasing the stone may be the only solution you need to treat stones. No matter your method, our partnership with Quanta System ensures that you have access to the most advanced pulse technologies and lasing features for dusting and busting even the hardest stones.

Litho 150 High Power Holium Laser System

Litho 100 High Power Holmium Laser System

Litho 60 Medium Power Holmium Laser System

Litho EVO Low Power Holmium Laser System

Virtual Basket

The double pulse modulation used with the Virtual Basket emission mode allows limited stone movements and fine lithotripsy. Using Virtual Basket, a first pulse is used to generate the vapor bubble and a second pulse, emitted from the same fiber, propagates through the bubble to irradiate the target.

Vapor Tunnel

Consisting of a single specific long pulse, Vapor Tunnel emission mode allows limited retropulsion and fine stone ablation. It is designed to use minimum peak power in accordance with the selected output settings. This long bubble represents a direct connection between fiber tip and stone.


MasterPULSE has seven levels of pulse width adjustment for increased flexibility (compared to the traditional three levels of other holmium lasers) to reduce retropulsion. It’s an intuitive and unique way to adjust the laser settings, simply based on your visual feedback. Obtain the desired effect quickly, without the time needed to make standard adjustments of energy and frequency parameters.

Whether lasing, basketing, or both, Cook is here to help you take control of the situation and deliver stone-free solutions to your patients.