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We make our baskets with our hands so you can trust in yours

If you blink as you drive through the town of Spencer in southern Indiana, you might just miss it. It’s here, on the outskirts of this rural town, that two of the major players in the urological devices market have set up shop. Cook Spencer got its start as Vance Products Incorporated back in 1977 (read more), and Boston Scientific acquired a manufacturing facility in Spencer in 1988 and began making products for endoscopy and urology. In a way, you could say Spencer is the unofficial urology device capital of the world.

Step inside the sterile, controlled environments of the Cook Spencer production area and you’ll find basket builders like Vickie Guy. She’s making one of our new nitinol Perc extractors, crafting each device by hand to exacting specifications.

Vickie sits at her workstation surrounded by raw materials and a spool of nitinol wire. With keen vision and the nimble dexterity of a tailor, Vickie weaves a basket, threads it into the polished tip of a coated cannula, and attaches a handle.

After a thorough inspection, she can’t help but pause and take pride in her work. Following additional inspections and detailed quality controls, the finished product is packaged and shipped from our hands to yours.

Now imagine you’re standing in a sterile, climate-controlled operating room with a patient on the table. There’s a sizable stone in the patient’s kidney, and today one of Vickie’s extractors is being put to good use. With keen vision and skilled precision, you confidently reach for the extractor, insert it into the patient with care, and remove the stone.

Once the stone has been extracted, you pause to admire your work. That’s a meaningful moment—a reflection on a job well done—and one that’s not lost on us. We live for moments like that. That’s why we do what we do.
We focus on quality over quantity and won’t compromise even if it means taking extra time to make each product. It’s quality you can see and feel. It’s quality you can trust.