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June 8th, 2020

Transluminal Biliary Biopsy Forceps Set and Zilver 635 Biliary Stent now available in the US and Canada

Bloomington, Ind. – Cook Medical is proud to announce the release of two products. The Transluminal Biliary Biopsy Forceps Set (BBFS) and a new 40-centimeter delivery system line extension of the existing Zilver 635® Biliary Stent (ZIB) are both now commercially available in the United States and Canada.

“We’re excited to make these products available to physicians to provide more treatment options for biliary duct procedures. This continues our efforts to bring to products to physicians that fill the unmet clinical needs for patients,” said Mike Williams, director of Cook Medical’s vascular programs.

The BBFS is designed to facilitate percutaneous acquisition of accurate tissue samples for biopsy. Biopsy samples obtained during biliary procedures must be sufficient and precise to reflect accurate diagnosis. To meet these clinical needs, the BBFS was developed to include an introduction system coupled with a “cup and jaw” forceps design to retrieve biopsy specimens. Supporting the use of the BBFS design, a study published in Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology reported a 94.2% diagnostic accuracy, with appropriate technique, when evaluating malignant biliary strictures using BBFS.1

The Zilver 635 Biliary Stent is designed for cases of abnormal constrictions of the biliary tree called biliary neoplasms. The ZIB helps to restore the natural flow of the biliary duct system. The flexible ZIB stent is also resistant to shortening, helping to provide precise placement. Having a 40-centimeter long delivery system permits ease of access for placement of the stent in biliary neoplasms.

To learn more about these products, visit the BBFS product page here or the ZIB product page here.

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1. Patel P, Rangarajan B, Mangat K. Improved accuracy of percutaneous biopsy using “cross and push” technique for patients suspected with malignant biliary strictures. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2015;38(4):1005–1010.


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