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Glossary of terms



The numbing of pain due to the administration of gases or drugs before surgery.



A flexible tube that is inserted into the body to deliver medicine or medical devices, or to drain fluids.

Conscious sedation

A combination of medications that block pain during a medical procedure. The patient will probably stay awake but not be able to speak.


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

A blood clot that has formed within a major vein, usually in the legs. When a DVT breaks loose, it can travel to the lungs, causing pulmonary embolism.


Femoral vein

This large vein in the thigh is one of the two most common endovascular access points for the filter implantation procedure.


General anesthesia

A combination of medications that put you in a completely unconscious state before a medical procedure.


Iliac vein

Located in the abdomen and pelvis, these veins drain blood from the lower body.


Attached inside the body for an extended time.

IVC dissection

A tear in the inferior vena cava.

IVC stenosis

A narrowing of the inferior vena cava that causes a partial blockage.


Jugular vein

A vein in the neck, this is one of two main endovascular access points most often used for the filter implantation procedure.


Minimally invasive procedure

A surgical method that does not require the doctors to cut open the patient in order to provide treatment. During this type of procedure, the physician inserts a small needle through the patient’s skin and into a main blood vessel. Catheters and other small devices are then introduced and guided through the patient’s blood vessels.


Moving from one place to another.



A small hole.


Retrieval snare

A device used to remove an implanted vena cava filter. The snare features a wire loop at one end that can be pushed forward or pulled back to engage with the filter’s hook.


Septic embolism

A type of blood-vessel blockage that can occur when pus-forming bacteria or other infectious organisms are present in the bloodstream.