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June 26th, 2024

Three ways Cook is changing to better serve our customers

At Cook, our goal has always been to provide devices and services to support minimally invasive procedures for patients. That hasn’t changed. However, what has changed is the way we work toward that goal.   

In November 2023, we announced an updated vision for the company. As we focus on the future, we’ve been adapting to industry changes, incorporating feedback from physicians, and finding ways to reliably deliver new products and services to customers. Here are three of the ways Cook is changing to treat more patients.  

1. Entering into distribution agreements

Distribution agreements are a keyway Cook is evolving to accelerate our product pipeline and deliver a continuous stream of innovative products to treat more patients.  As Cook continues to change in line with our vision, an integral part of the plan is fostering partnerships to diversify product offerings. So far in 2024, Cook has entered into three major distributed-by agreements.  

2. Expanding indications on existing products

No need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes an existing product can be used in a new way, opening up more possibilities without starting from scratch.  In fact, this is how minimally invasive medicine usually starts and how the Cook catalog of products originally grew: with products being used in different ways or in different specialties.  

Cook’s Liver Access and Biopsy Set (LABS) product has been available for years,but it was only intended for use in adults. However, in an ongoing commitment to helping underserved patient populations, Cook Medical obtained FDA approval for a new pediatric indication for the shorter LABS.

“Our pediatric LABS has shorter versions of the original medical devices to more appropriately fit pediatric patients’ smaller bodies,” explained Remco van der Meel, director of product management for Cook’s Interventional specialty. “Now, LABS will help physicians diagnose an array of conditions in a wider variety of patients. It’s an extremely versatile set of products that can now treat even the smallest patients.”  

3. Creating a supply chain fellowship

We launched the first-ever Supply Chain Fellowship program in 2023. This fellowship was a collaborative effort to enhance the transparency and efficiency of healthcare supply chains, and it also helped to funnel in new supply chain talent.  

Cook determined that BJC Healthcare was an ideal partner for the first Supply Chain Fellowship. BJC Healthcare is a provider network with 14 hospitals and numerous clinics in the St. Louis area. Like Cook, BJC focuses on innovation and collaboration. Together, Cook and BJC Healthcare created the ideal project for the inaugural Supply Chain Fellow: a comprehensive supplier-provider supply chain study. As a result, the study identified seven ways other healthcare companies’ supply chains can benefit from what Cook learned. The results of the supply chain study were published in Healthcare Purchasing News.  

Continuous improvement means continuous change 

One of Cook’s values is Continuous Improvement. We’re proud to share these concrete ways we’re changing so we can better meet the needs of our customers. We’re connecting with physicians to understand what matters most to them and how we can rise to industry demands. To watch how we keep delivering on our promises and changing to become a trusted supplier, check our newsroom or follow us on social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, X and Instagram.