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Directly measure portal pressure under EUS

With the EchoTip Insight™ Portosystemic Pressure Gradient Measurement System, it’s possible to directly measure portal pressure under endoscopic ultrasound (EUS).

EchoTip Insight Vein Illustration

How does it work? When the desired portal vein has been identified, you use the EchoTip Insight system to take a set of three pressure measurements under EUS guidance. You can then take another set of three pressure measurements in the hepatic vein with EchoTip Insight.

Finally, you average these measurements to calculate the pressure gradient. (See the video below for more information about this procedure.)


The EchoTip Insight Portosystemic Pressure Gradient Measurement System includes a 25 gage needle with an echogenic tip to access the portal and hepatic veins, a connecting tube, and a transducer. EchoTip Insight’s compact, self-calibrating transducer provides a direct digital display of the pressure reading. (See the video below for more information on how to assemble the components to ensure a closed system.)


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    EchoTip Insight specs

    EchoTip Insight specs

    The gradient measurement system is indicated to directly measure pressures in the hepatic and portal venous vasculatures and is used in conjunction with an ultrasound endoscope.


    EchoTip Insight news release

    EchoTip Insight news release

    In 2020, the FDA granted Cook Medical a de novo authorization to market the EchoTip Insight Portosystemic Pressure Gradient Measurement System.